Anja, Lina & Invencible

Beautiful Invencible conquered the heart of Lina and Anja. Born in 2013 from Espartaco x Bemposta (sister of Olympic star Alcaide). The auction in september at La Perla was like a thriller!

Look at the fairytaile of Invencible and his family.

Anja & Lina with Pluto La Perla

Already in 2019 little Pluto from wonderful Vibrante da Broa and pretty Triana crept into the heart of Anja and Lina. For two years he haunted their minds. A little positive ghost who then crept into their family in the summer of 2021 in an unreasonable way!

Totally unreasonable, but now it happened.

Christina & Galante

Galante, born in 2011 (Vibrante da Broa x out of Alcame). His name promises that he has really nice, calm and honest character like his father.

Christina likes to share her story…

Inga & Imperio

Imperio (born in 2013, son of Londrino) Inga owns him since December 2017.

Here you can find a glimpse of their live together.

Lisa & Mágico

Mágico (born in 2016, Glacial x Zumba), a horse that has a lot of power but would go through fire for his human.

After my practicum I will come home only with „HIM“.

Claus & Matacán

„We just wanted to see it with our own eyes, what everybody told us about La Perla and Leonie.“

Well, and we left with more – Matacán (born in 2016)…

Johanna & Limonero

Limonero (born in 2015) left La Perla and followed Johanna to Germany after her internship was over.

Check out how Johanna traded her world trip for a horse…

Katharina & Il Aramis

“I always had the idea and dream about riding with light aids and in harmony with the horse, and I still do.”

How Il Aramis was looking for „his human“…

Sina & Lirio

Until her internship at La Perla Sina didn’t believe in Phrases like “horse of my heart” or “didn’t look for but found it”.

Well and then there was Lirio La Perla – check out Sina´s story.

Annette & Falconete

“Falconete is a unique and extraordinary horse with an exceptional character. For me, he is THE ONE.”

You can find out here how Annette fell in love.

Janine & Hermes

“An Iberian has always been my dream. During a visit to La Perla, one of the breeding stallions immediately captured my heart.”

And then one of his sons crossed Janine’s path…

Daiana & Olivero

“If you had asked me before summer 2020 whether I would buy a horse I only knew from pictures and videos, I would have shaken my head in horror.”

And then it came to the blind date horse after all…

Elke & Ladino

Already as a 2-year-old Elke noticed this young stallion in the wide fields of La Perla: Ladino

A little insight into Elke & Ladino can be found here.

Melanie & Habanero

“He is diligent and sensitive at work, he has an incredible amount of talent and I learn a lot from him.”

Melanie says “Thank you” for this wonderful companion.

Silvie & Hungaro

Silvie met her “golden bunny” while working on La Perla.

And then he absolutely had to go with her to Germany.

Melanie & Juncal

The peculiarity of Leonie and La Perla can be felt in every single animal.

How a first touch turned into a lasting relationship…

Corinna & Oreo

“Actually, I wasn’t really looking for another horse, as I already have 3, but then I fell in love with Lusitanos and found what I was looking for with Leonies La Perla.”

Oreo has come to Corinna in May 2021 and we can accompany her on her trip with him.

Merle & Falua

“From the first time I met her, I knew that Falua was the horse of my heart!

And then Falua became her own horse.

Christina & Domino

“There was no way I was going to buy a horse at a fair, and certainly not a Lusitano!”

And then it hit her like a bolt from the blue…

Katja & Otaño

“Exciting Blind Date in May 2021 !”

A long search led to La Perlas Otaño

Sandra, Holger & Jaguar

“Jaguar has enriched our lives for almost a year now, nothing better could have happened to us. We are very happy to be part of the La Perla horse family.”

How Sandra and Holger came to the horse during a visit to a trade fair…

Ulla & Fabiola

From the bottom of my heart I knew this beautiful grey mare was my top favorite horse, when I checked the La Perla sales website. Despite all my good intentions Ulla had immediately sparkles in hereyes when she saw her standing, with clinking eyes, at the grooming area.

Ulla reports on her five and a half eventful years so far…

Nadine & Océano

“I actually had another horse in mind, but I was immediately taken with Océano.”

Read here about Nadine’s dream come true.

Laura & Labriego

“30 young stallions, one more beautiful than the other and I was totally undecided. About a year later Labriego moved in with me – a choice I have never regretted.”

Impressions about us you can see here…

Tina & Franela

How to make a unicorn out of a donkey …you can read here…

photo: Linus Koch

Sarah & Hebraico

I am very proud of what Hebraico and I have achieved together so far and look forward to everything that is yet to come!

Read more about Sarah’s story with her heart’s horse here.

Manuela & Fari

Fari – a one-handed horse, a life’s work…

Find out how Manuela & Fari became a dream team.

Rika & Jilguero “Goldfink”

In heart, in will, in lightness and rideability, little Goldfinch is simply the greatest for us!

Thank you Leonie, you had exactly the right feeling!