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Rika & Jilguero “Goldfink” (06.06.2022, Germany)

In heart, in will, in lightness and rideability, little Goldfinch is simply the greatest for us!

Thank you Leonie, you had exactly the right feeling!

Nadja & Osiris (05.06.2022, Switzerland)

“Until then, I could NEVER have imagined that I would ever import a horse from abroad.”

And then Osiris came…

Manuela & Fari (21.02.2022, Germany)

Fari – a one-handed horse, a life’s work…

Find out how Manuela & Fari became a dream team.

Sarah & Hebraico (20.02.2022, Germany)

I am very proud of what Hebraico and I have achieved together so far and look forward to everything that is yet to come!

Read more about Sarah’s story with her heart’s horse here.

Tina & Franela (19.02.2022, Germany)

How to make a unicorn out of a donkey …you can read here…

photo: Linus Koch

Laura & Labriego (09.01.2022, Germany)

“30 young stallions, one more beautiful than the other and I was totally undecided. About a year later Labriego moved in with me – a choice I have never regretted.”

Impressions about us you can see here…

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