Sandra, Holger & Jaguar

For a long time now, we had been reading up on Leonie and her Lusitanos.

The Equitana in Essen 2019 was on our agenda. When we finally arrived, we immediately rushed to Leonie’s stand and made contact. Wow, there stood Jaguar in the box, eating his hay with relish and in complete peace.
He didn’t let himself be distracted by anything. If I had known at the time how this would end, I would never have believed it. Holger stood fascinated in front of him and gave his heart to Jaguar.

Getting to know each other for the first time at the Equitana in Essen 2019

After we were back home, we thought about it for a long time. I wrote to Leonie again and asked about Perlinos that were currently for sale. Again we got a picture of Jaguar!!! I sent her back the picture from the fair and true enough, it was Jaguar.

We agreed, we absolutely had to go to Leonie and see this horse again and also ride him. We waited for the first Corona wave, and then flew to Leonie for a weekend straight after the first opening.

We were enchanted by this magical place and of course by Jaguar, who was already standing there waiting for us. Holger groomed him and you could tell immediately that the spark had been ignited. Now we could finally call Jaguar our own. Proudly we flew back and could hardly wait until the boy finally got off the trailer in July. He has enriched our lives for almost a year now and nothing better could have happened to us.

We are very happy to be part of the La Perla horse family.