Annette & Falconete

Falconete – born in April 2010
Father: Zarco da Broa (Veiga) – Mother: Aguia

Our journey started around February/March 2014. And this personal encounter at that time on the studfarm of „La Perla“ did not only lead me to this extraordinary horse, but also to get to know a very special woman whom since then I call one of my dearest friends – Leonie Bühlmann.

How it all began:
By chance finding a sales video of Falconete on the internet – immediately fell in love with that horse – called Leonie Bühlmann – booked a short-term flight (having a time span of 24 hours between outbound- and return flight) – saw him and had one test ride – returned home and along the way, Falconete kept me in suspense every single minute – called Leonie a day later – bought the horse – end of story.

Dang! Since then, I have never once regretted this rush job.

Falconete is a unique and extraordinary horse with an exceptional character. For me, he is THE ONE, he has found me and from the very first moment cast a spell over me.

He is very dominant towards other horses. But on the other hand so gentle and devoted to people, especially children, or even cats and dogs. He loves being fondled or scratched, preferably for hours 😊
He is a very honest and clear headed horse. His working spirit is incredible, he´s got a high degree of sensitivity, the thought of a certain exercise is most of the time aid enough. He is ambitious, he wants to shine, he wants to please.

He might not be eagerly moving, but his strong presence, expression and pride are omnipresent. It is such a pleasure working with him, being with him. He is my greatest joy.