Janine & Hermes

How it all began…

An Iberian has always been my dream!
I heard about Yeguada La Perla – and started a virtual search. Thrilled by the sight of it, I had to get to know this stud farm and its horses for real. In the summer of 2014, we set off on our journey in a camper van. Across France, over the Pyrenees, along the coast, we headed for Segovia – Yeguada La Perla here we come.

Already flashed by all these beautiful scenic impressions on the way, La Perla was – an idyllic dream.

We received a warm welcome. Alberto & Patrik showed us the wide open spaces, we drove for what felt like an eternity across the meadows and marvelled at the beautiful horses. One was more beautiful than the other, completely enchanted. The palate was also well catered for. The Spanish warmth, simply adorable.

One of the stallions fascinated me from the very beginning. His eye, his disposition, his small compact strong body, bursting with power, a beautiful golden dun. Vibrante da Broa – is still my favourite stallion.

As luck would have it, a sweet little two-year-old bay stallion – beautiful eye, open mind, compact body – crossed my path on the drive across the pastures – he picked me out and I picked him out – so it was to be him !!!! And behold, his father – how could it be otherwise – Vibrante da Broa :o) My joy was great!!!

Hermes, born 2012, son of Vibrante da Broa