Christina & Domino

Domino, born 2008 by Quod, Palomino out of Vespa, dun.

At Equitana 2013 I had booked a stand in Hall 10, as usual, to exhibit my paintings. After the stand was set up on Friday evening, we strolled through the neighbouring hall, where the horses had already moved into the boxes. At the La Perla Stud there was a dun horse: “Domino” was his name. I noticed him immediately, but I didn’t want to buy a horse at the Equitana, and certainly not a Lusitano, they are too special, so I was told. Nevertheless, I was looking for a horse, because my mare had died. But none of them really appealed to me. I had looked at many of them and even tried them out, but I was apparently not ready for a new horse.
On the next day of the fair, I was drawn back to his stall and there I met Leonie Bühlmann, the good soul of La Perla Stud. A friendly member of staff opened the door for me and Domino came up to me very gently and asked very kindly and unobtrusively if there might be a treat. That was, when it hit me like a bolt from the blue, I was instantly in love with this horse. His friendly, gentle nature has wrapped me around his finger – until today.
I took him in my arms and tears fell down his thick black mane. Again and again I was drawn from my stand to the neighbouring hall to Domino, until on Monday, the 3rd day of the fair, it was clear that I would and could buy him. It was quite unreal that this dream horse would become mine.
Now he has been with me for 8 years and he has retained his gentlemanly manner, he follows like a dog, even lets my children lead him and goes straight onto the horse trailer for my sake, even though he doesn’t like it at all.
He has strong nerves when riding, even in tricky situations. And that’s what we like to do best: leisurely stroll through the forest.
Dressage is laid in his lap, he knows directly what to do, he wants to please and do it right. Marius Schneider once said to me during a lesson “he doesn’t need to learn anything, he can do everything, it’s just up to you”.
Domino follows like a dog even when he is excited and running around in the paddock. As soon as the halter is put on, he follows and can be led by two fingers, no matter what chaos is going on around us. I have often said that he hears better and goes along better than our dog. If he could, he would come into the living room with us. He likes to be pampered and when the children are braiding his pigtails he stands still and dozes, the more pampering the better. He is very people-oriented, leaves the stable without sticking and you can ride out with him alone very well, in a group he likes to go in front. Character-wise he is wonderful, an honest horse who likes his people and enjoys being around them. Domino is very social in the herd and lives in an open stable.

No fairy tale: Domino and the Christmas ball

It was Christmas time and in the indoor arena there was a big, decorated Christmas tree in a corner next to the door.
Domino and I were in the arena and he was napping at the far end. I had to turn Domino loose because I had to go out of the arena to get the dung fix. Domino was looking at the tree and rolling around. I walked past him to the other end of the arena and collected the dung. Then I heard behind me how he ran at full speed through the hall to me. I turned around and saw him brake hard, throw his head wildly up and down and throw a golden Christmas tree ball next to me.

“No, I didn’t kiss him! After all, I want the horse, not the prince!”

I wish Leonie and La Perla the very best, love Domino and Christina.

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