Katja & Otaño

*Update – Otaño has arrived in Germany: we are happy with Katja and also about new experience reports.*

Son of Ermitaño and Dulcamara

I had been looking for a second Iberian horse for quite a while. During this phase, which lasted 1.5 years, Leonie had to answer a lot of questions about her horses and send me a lot of photos (Leonie has a lot of patience and nerves). I also kept looking around elsewhere, but in the end, everything turned out quite differently than I had originally planned: I saw Otaño on pictures and videos and bought him “blind”. The videos of him only confirmed the description of his character, so that I am looking forward to the arrival of this extremely friendly, very well socialised and people-oriented young horse in May 2021! It will be a very special and exciting challenge.

Due to Corona, a visit from me to Leonie was unfortunately not possible yet, but I will definitely make up for it! In view of the experience reports, I am absolutely aware of the risk that when you visit Leonie, you usually don’t go home without (another) pearl 😅.