Sabine and her pearls

Duende, Fusiliero, Laico, Luterano, Perséfone and Limeño

Actually, I just wanted to find out how to ride a Lusitano. But it is impossible to get to know La Perla and Leonie and then not take a Lusitano home with you. The atmosphere, the beautiful Lusitanos… and then there were 2 of them.

How long have we been a team?
I went to La Perla for the first time almost exactly 8 years ago and after that I kept going. It’s just too beautiful.

My main focus when riding:
Definitely dressage, aiming for Grand Prix.

Why my pearls are great:
Basically, my experience with PERLA horses has been spectacular. Rideability, character, power and beauty. All in all they are just perfect.

Duende was my first pearl. My best teacher I could have. My first competitions and my first piaffe. A lot of “go” and then very elegant.

Fusiliero is awesome. He walked in the evening show in Golegã in front of thousands of spectators. He was in the evening programme at the Portuguese Riding School. You can only be proud of that.

Laico and Cremockelchen (Luterano): Young, beautiful and super docile. The first time we went riding was great. The two newcomers were so well-behaved and reliable. That is another characteristic of the La Perla horses. You can rely on the horses. Leonie puts so much work into breeding and trust work. This is how she gets the best qualities out of the horses. The result is something to be proud of.

Perséfone: Yes, who can resist cute foals…

Limeño – my new giant with 172 cm. In cooperation with Leonie, we are training Mr. “Bombastik” and hope that he will become our new up-and-coming star at a high level. The horse brings everything with him, movement and then the willingness to work and the necessary power. Thus again an absolute dream pearl.

Even without the interest to ride in the sport, I would recommend La Perla. The pearls are horses that are fun and rideable. You can be very proud of the horses. The necessary preparatory work with the young horses, which Leonie does with a lot of dedication before a horse leaves the stable, is also simply outstanding. This is a great basis on which to build.