Melanie & Habanero

I’ve been looking for a young horse for a while.
I had already had an eye on the La Perla stud for a long time, I found the rearing conditions simply breathtaking, and I also liked what I could see on videos and trade fairs.
So I flew to Madrid in May 2017 to find a young horse for myself at La Perla, hopefully.

Anyone who has seen the young stallion herd running across the huge, natural pastures at a thundering gallop will understand that these Lusitanos are not only beautiful, sensitive and noble, but also robust and sure-footed.

Actually it was supposed to be a raw horse to train myself, but when Leonie also introduced me to the worked horses, the decision fell on a small, spirited, freshly laid Palomino: Habanero.

Habanero arrived at my place in July, got on right away with my Arab, with whom he was already together since the second day, and was easily integrated into the herd. He lives in an open stable and enjoys it very much.

We have seen a lot since then! We have accompanied Leonie at two trade fairs, have been to a number of courses, in the trail park, on a trail ride, by the sea…

I have never seen such a human, cuddly horse that loves body contact so much. I am greeted with a neighing every day and he comes to me from the farthest corner of the pasture.

He is diligent and sensitive at work, he has an incredible amount of talent and I learn a lot from him. In the riding area he is just beginning to combine strength and calm, and so I am curious to see how it will develop over the next few years.

Thank you for this wonderful companion.