Natasja mit Irlandés, Dublin, Mapache & Padme

Pearls in Holland

My trainer told me: that would be something for you, such a Lusitano. I had never met a Lusitano in my life… I didn’t know anything about them.

Somehow I got the opportunity to learn classical dressage in Germany. And that was with Lusitanos by Yeguada la Perla. At this moment in 2017, I didn’t know anything about Lusis and I had never been to Spain.

In the meantime, I am the happy owner of 4 La Perla Lusitanos, I have been on La Perla many times, I train and work with pearls and I have found a great friend in Leonie.

What I love most in these horses? They are beautiful, strong, full of character, lively, incredibly talented and willing to work. Please see for yourself…

Irlandés – born 2013, son of Xinfrim and Cantinera (Quod)
Mapache – born 2016, son of Galéon and Dinastia (Quod)
Dublin – born 2009
Padme – born 2019, daughter of Gavilan