Alexandra mit Quiana, Nila & Nirvana

Alexandra says: “I’m probably not the typical pearl owner… I’ve known Leonie for a while because of different clinics and she actually comes from my area in Switzerland, but I’ve landed on the homepage of the stud before and have been dreaming of owning a pearl for years. On the one hand because the Lusitanos (which actually exceed my budget…) have always fascinated me, on the other hand I have a riding school for 21 years, which for years mainly takes ponies and small horses from bad circumstances, in order to train them and use them as riding school ponies for hippotherapy.

I also started to breed foals from my mares for my needs and always wanted to know what it was like to work with horses that grew up like Leonies La Perla horses. Free and in the herd, which I can not offer my horses, despite the generous open barn with permanent grazing.

In the summer of 2020 I bought the foal Quiana from Leonie, because she totally knocked me over. Quiana is a daughter of Flamenco and Garbosa (daughter of Vingador) and her name is “the graceful” in Indian. From Quiana I only have pictures and videos, which I receive – like probably all foal owners – at regular intervals from Leonie, but I would like to share them with you in a small movie.

I’ve always dreamed of working with a horse from La Perla without ever having had bad experiences with people. Because of Corona and the whole situation, in the summer of 2020 I decided to buy two pearls from Leonie with the financial help of a friend, to work with them and to find suitable buyers for them. Based on photos we decided on Nila and Nirvana and since 02.11.2020 they are now with us and I haven’t regretted it yet.

Never before have I been able to integrate horses into the group that has existed for years so easily, everything went smoothly from the beginning. Working with them is just fun every day! Nila is totally devoted to humans, finds petting units super great, always seeks closeness to humans, while watching me craping or when she observes the riding lessons from the run-out. What is explained to her is clear, she works diligently, wants to please. She has beautiful walk, trot and gallop and will surprise us all!

Nirvana is very confident, she can’t be bought with a goodie, you have to offer her more! 😉If she trusts, she is motivated for everything, but can also ask sometimes, but without getting naughty. I am basically very much in love with her and convinced that she will become a brilliant riding horse!

Even from the ground, it is noticeable how the two already pay attention to the finest signals and how very much they are devoted to people!