Michaela and her pearls

Don’t be discouraged – this is a long story, but it is worth it…

How I found La Perla – I was looking for a palomino. Then I found HIM on Facebook. I was delighted to have a German speaking contact in Leonie. That was in spring 2010.

A few days later I was on a plane to visit La Perla. Leonie and Alberto showed me around on the stud farm. I was overwhelmed. Then there he was. “Cameron”. I rode him to try him out, had him vet checked and decided to buy him.

But then I found “Fado” among the young stallions. And was tempted again. I loved his father, Ortega, because I rode him once and this fantastic experience never let go of me. Here stood a son of his…

OK, so somehow I had to have them both. But I hadn’t planned for two horses. The decision was difficult. I flew back to Austria and started thinking. I showed a riding student a picture of “Cameron” AND she bought him after only having seen the picture! I was over the moon. We had him castrated at La Perla.

Soon both horses arrived on our estate Marienhof in Spillern! We, my husband, Andrea Ruschitzka and my daughter, Karoline Vogel, live on a large estate (Gut Marienhof). I train horses and riders up to the highest level. My main focus are classical dressage and working equitation (e.g. 4th place in the overall rating of the world championship in Lyon 2011). I also work on all other disciplines with my horses. Their training is very broad. Karoline is also very successful in working equitation (world championship 2014 in Austria, 5th place in the overall rating) and brings out our horses in other disciplines as well.

Andreas owns noble Kladrubers and drives a team of four at international level.

Cameron was sold after a year to another student of mine who loves him to bits, he is still stabled on our estate and is being worked diligently. “Cameron” still enjoys an education in working equitation, dressage level S, jumping, circus lectures and driving.
“Cameron” measures 16.5 hands, has excellent athletic gaits and has always been healthy. He was born 2007, his father is Brillante.

Since then I stayed in touch with Leonie, she visited us in Austria and I was part of her team presenting her horses in a German horse show.

“Fado” measures 16 hands, has excellent gaits and is very well built. He has never been sick. He was born in 2010 and his father is “Ortega”.

I trained him in various disciplines until he was 5 years old, when, by chance, a young lady opened his stall and…soul mates found each other! I felt that their connection was even stronger than my connection with “Fado”. Hence I sold him. This young lady became my student, Fado is still stabled on our estate and she is training him successfully and in a very versatile way. He is honest, eager to learn and always has a positive humor. Both are very happy together.

When next traveling to La Perla I took my husband to accompany me to show him the stud farm. Alberto charmed us with his delicacies, we ate the famed suckling pig in Segovia…and I bought a horse just because of his color for the first time in my life!

A foal – the first one of 2013, born during the winter. He had everything I hoped for with his rare color: a blue eye, dorsal stripe, zebra stripes and dun coloring. I liked his mother and “Vibrante” is his father. The irony of this story is that he is now white!

Alberto wanted to reduce the number of his broodmares and showed us his large herd. We breed at a small scale and so we thought, why not. From afar, I said: this one. She was in foal. Her name was “Hueva” and she was 8 years old back then, a dun with black legs. That’s how “Pumba” and the very pregnant “Hueva” came to our estate.

Later on, we visited Leonie once more, because my daughter wanted to meet “Pumba’s” father and the owner of Cameron wanted to see where he came from. Even my Mum accompanied us. It was a very nice weekend, buying horses wasn’t part of the plan.

We named him “Imperio Pumba” and he grew up with our foals. When he was three years old it turned out that he was too small for me at about 15 hands and 1 inch. Immediately my daughter piped up that she wanted him. The two of them became a team, that radiates pure love and trust.

Under my tutelage, my daughter is training him. He is already starting in dressage level S, he is learning the capriole, knows all circus tricks and has been to many horse shows and events. He has always been healthy and always willing to work. The little white guy brings a lot of joy to Karoline.

“Hueva” was a very shy mare who lived like a wild horse on the horse stud and was covered naturally. When she was giving birth at midnight, Leonie happened to be visiting us and we managed to be there to watch. She had a large dun mare foal, we named her “Ishara”.

Meanwhile “Fado” covered “Hueva” and a beautiful black male foal was born, called “Jaguar”. “Ishara” and “Jaguar” were sold to great owners.

“Hueva” was covered again. She did not fall pregnant. The vet confirmed this via ultra sound. We decided to sell her, since we didn’t work her and felt she would not be happy without a job. Later I heard from her new owners that she gave birth to a male foal fathered by my stallion.

“Fado” covered “Hueva” and a Kladruber broodmare naturally on a pasture. “Fado” covered our broodmare and a splendid cross breed was born. A mare, called “Jaquinta”. “Jaquinta” was driven and at age 5 sold to a student. She is still stabled on our estate. A gentle and well mannered beauty! Always healthy.