Katrin & Indiano

Update February 2024: After a four-month internship at La Perla from April to July 2023, during which Indiano was also there, it felt like a major change in my life. So Indiano and I moved to Spain completely at the beginning of February 2024. He feels right at home where he was born, not to mention me…

Original February 2021: Indiano (son of Xinfrim, out of Vespa), born in 2013, owned by Katrin and is living in Germany/Brandenburg since January 2020.

The first time I visited La Perla was in June 2018, participating a clinic Leonie taught. I knew her a while before that from other riding clinics she taught in my homebarn. I always told my friends, that I never ever will buy “such” an Iberian horse. Well, within those eight days at La Perla I not only fell in love with the atmosphere at the stud farm but also with the Lusitanos: the magical light in the spanish mountains, small villages, lovely humans, the atmosphere at the pasture of the mares, all the wonderful horses, and the dedication, which Leonie and her team put into the breeding and training of their four legged friends.

On the first day Leonie showed us all the horses. Immediately I was fascinated by a smart dun horse. Well, I would say it was a little bit love at first sight, although, until then, I never spent one thought on buying a Lusitano at La Perla. At that point I was totally happy with my two horses at home. Almost two years and six further visits at La Perla later my life guided me in a different direction and I decided to buy Indiano, the “little” dun horse I fell in love the first day I saw him.

Indiano came January 2020. Since then we experienced a lot together, not to mention the many things I have learnt from him. I never met a horse like him before, he is friendly, open minded, funny, motivated, brave, curious but sensitive at the same time. We do dressage, little jumps, lots of trail rides, classical work in hand, work in liberty. I work him also at the cavesson and we do endless walks together – the ones to the lake the loves the most!!!!

I am more than happy for every day he enriches my life as a part of my family, together with my warmblood Holli.